Saturday, February 11, 2012


 It was an amazing sunny morning here in Cascais (Lisbon). A right day to play with colours, and I did it. All the likes where bought in the recent sales, except the Duffy coat from Antik Batik which has years and it's always in fashion again and again. This coat is the proof that an expensive item could turn in a cheap piece by the use we give it. This is a look with less than €65. Check out:

- Zara Skirt (sales) - €7,99
- Zara Turtleneck sweater (sales) - €5,99
- Calzedonia tights (sales) - € 3,50
- H&M Scarf (old) - € 5,99
- Coolway boots ( sales in Milan) - € 40,00

How cool is that?   

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