Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Let's see if you understand me once for all because I can't hear more accusations of being anti-Xmas anymore ( the last hours I did stop emailed angry Xmas lovers and answer them about my Xmas feelings) - I'm not an anti-Christmas person. I'm not an anti-anything person. I haven't that kind of nasty energy. Did you get it?

I don't like neither Xmas music nor Xmas decorations. Ok, the songs are not all about Jesus, the worst are about dozens of birds singing together or about snowmen walking alive and promising all kind of gratefulness. Christmas music is not for me. It brings a lot of people joy, which is objectively excellent, good for them with their bright smiles. I even could hear something like Bruce Springsteen’s “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”, I'm ok with that but I can't hear Christian ballads while hundred of angry people are shopping together and running over to get things they don't need, making that kind of nasty noise over the music with Xmas' silly messages. 

I don't understand why people loved Xmas music while they came along the street, at the shopping centers, at the metro and train stations, and all kind of public places like restaurants and even hospitals or so. It's a kind of gum for ears all six weeks long, because December is the only month of the year that have 6 long weeks.

My kind of Xmas evening is all about see a good triller movie or a Sherlock Holmes' TV chapter, the last Rachel Zoe's episodes during her full pregnancy, and maybe review for the hundredth time The Sex and the City Season 1, 5 and six ( my fave) and ordering Chinese food. It sounds pretty Merry to me! Unfortunately my beloved husband and my daughters loved all that Xmas stuff, included Xmas trees and Xmas ballads, and they get moved with merry Christmas' plans.

So I'm gonna wearing headphones in public. No radio. No shopping centers until 2st January unless I need to buy something pretty specific like a snow's jacket for my end of the year's trip to North Italy, and I will try to avoid public transportation including cabs which have the worst Xmas music ever.

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