Monday, December 5, 2011


My taste for plastic and really bad food is a kind of disaster but I consider it my most intimate sin because I didn't confess it anyone up to now. I love a gigantic Mcmenu and a coke after a good afternoon shopping all kind of fast fashion itens.

A hot banana walnut pancake sandwich and hot chocolate with fat milk  is my kind of anti-depression menu. Homemade baked macaroni with cheese and crispy fried bread or a juicy ass burger with fried egg linked with fried potatoes, a burrito with rice, beans, cheese, red peppers, corn and salsa...

I love all kind of international fast cuisine's stuff: Chicken teriaki with a side of pork gyoza. Fish ‘n’ chips. Flan. Doritos nachos with chicken, jalepeños, pinto beans and sour cream.

Fried collards with fried cubed potates and fried onions. Doner kebab. Spaghetti with sauce of reduced organic heirloom tomatoes, onions, kale, and small pieces of sausage served with garlic bread. Spicy tuna roll with gobs of soy sauce/ wasabi and toasted rice tea and a large Asahi.

All this porno food shared with someone I'm in love with: A mushroom risotto. Tomato spicy sauce pasta and creamy cheese with a beer as cold as it can be.  

Poison food to kill once stressed goals!


I fully love to invite friends and share a really obscene pizza and a creamy tomato soup ending with a red fruits or apple pie. Pizza. Apple pie. More Pizza. Red wine. Bread fried in real butter. More wine. I'm getting mad. I'm getting hungry. Smoothie of strawberries, blueberries, plain whole-milk yogurt. Oh, how can I forgot the promiscuous lasagna with spinach, ricotta, shredded carrots, and mozzarella!

Then I feel real!

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  1. Eu aqui sozinho, cheio de trabalho, com o shopping a quatro km e sem ingredientes para isto em casa, e a Paula faz um post que me deixa a babar?! Não é justo! Aquele waffle com frutos e natas despertou-me os sentidos e um kebab de borrego caseiro (como um que eu comi em Genebra) também ia muito bem!