Monday, October 24, 2011


TM Collection by Teresa Martins is a very strong label with a liny ADN easily recognized by its tribal and urban mixing, and inspiration taken from all over the world. "Far from man, close to gods - Summer Mood" is the sequel of Teresa Martins' latest work, but with more softness by the use of lighter fabrics and the magic of the romantic patterns which remind us the Summer breeze and the sweetness of the Spring flowers. Embroidery and prints in Indian rose, rain stripes, pindots, multiherbs, polka dots, geometric poetry for a woman who are above all citizen of the world that loved the timeless aesthetic where the past meets the future to build a brillant present. 

Photos courtesy of Paulo Costa Photography

And I loved the acessories...

Photo via Fashion Thinkers

The boots from SS 2012 collection are amazing! The Chanca Rebela is a Tradicional hand made Portuguese wooden clog used by farmers since century XIII. These traditional shoes upgraded with modern-urban vibes, were a work developed by Pedro Silva, a Portuguese "Tamanqueiro", who made these special collection for SS 2012 TM collection's fashion show.

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