Thursday, February 23, 2012


Mother of Pearl is in its fifth season but this is the first time Maia Norman and Sue Foulston's label has shown at London Fashion Week. It was a great opportunity for me to know the label better and I loved the looks. Each season, the brand creates a collection that adapts the work of a different artist like Jim Lambie, Keith Tyson, and Fiona Banner. This time out, the artist in the house is Fred Tomaselli which work made by collage paintings are really amazing to be turned into prints.

This is a label that delivers clothes you can wear whether on your holidays or working, and you can adapted the cool pieces to your style easily with sporty pieces and simple yet refined tailoring. When I saw the collection for next Fall I had a hard back to one of my fave music's from the 70's: Mother of Pearl by the Roxy Music.


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