Friday, December 16, 2011

INSPIRATION: THINGS THAT ANNOY ME TO DEATH! #13 People who have "IIT'S COMPLICATED" in their Facebook's status!

World’s relationship is really changing because of the internet. It’s a kind of thing that runs totally for our control. Not so many years ago things among two human beings were so simple and easy! Relationship’s status was only: Single, married, widowed, divorced. Some people were engaged but still single, others are single still in a civil union, others were married still separated, and these are the most complicated non-defined status existed… that’s it!

Today, if you go to the facebook relationship’s status you got really confused with some of the items like “It’s complicated”! Is this for real? My question is: Why would anyone in a legitimate relationship be like, “Oh my god! Everything is so confusing between us and we must let Facebook know!” Are they calling for help to the facebook’s free advices? It’s a kind of thing that let me thinking about because people recently developed the need to share everything about their lives, color of the daily underwear included.

I imagine that forbidden lovers are something belonging to the past, but now I realize that Romeo and Juliet are still alive, even if the Romeo is gay and Juliet is his best friend in love with the gay friend, or something like that. What I don’t understand is why this relevant information is appropriate to share with the world! I’m not a guesses’ person but I believe there is a lot of people which best joy in life is to guess other’s lives. So why feed that?

In the old times, in the pre- facebook era, to talk in public about our relationship was considered rude and hurtful. After a hard fight with our soul mate, we only talked about with our most (one or two) intimate friends. And that’s all! Because talking about other’s feelings and failures it was considered truly offensive and disrespectful. The internet has already crapped on the sanctity of a relationship in many ways. We already see too much of people’s most private moments. We’re always one click away from seeing our significant other’s lives before us. But “It’s complicated” is too much, I’m just saying!

For another hand, if “It’s complicated” is only for fun why didn’t facebook’s status options create a kind of “It’s simply” or “It’s breezy” or something positive! I rather prefer a kind of “extra, super duper complicated” graduation! Or instead a status’ situation like “We kind of hate each other but are to chicken to end” Yes, it would be funny!

I have a suggestion for a new facebook relationship’s status “We are betraying us” and this has nothing to do with another lover in your life but everything about betray trust and respect which are the basis of any relationship for much complicated it was. And if it isn’t complicated, believe me, there are good chances to facebook and internet in general had become great contributors to the complication of your love affair/crush/passion for life. So good luck with being complicated!

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