Thursday, December 15, 2011

INSPIRATION: THINGS THAT ANNOY ME TO DEATH! #12 People Can’t Stop Feeling Sad (For No Reason)

Stop feeling sad for no reason. Stop replacing your happiness for that feeling of a vague sense of melancholy. Stop blaming everything and everybody for your sadness and for your inability to feel joy in each waking, life’s new experience or in a crush you just had.

In the morning, when you looked at yourself in the mirror, you may think that you aren’t getting younger, you had so many dreams that you can’t make true, so many problems you can’t deal with, so many broken plans you can´t fix… But if you’ll meet the new day with this “Screw you!” kind of attitude no wonder things wouldn’t go right for you.

First you must tell for yourself that these feelings aren’t real. You can choose at every moment how you will feel like, and if you choose a sour mood, I’m sure no one could help you because it’s the way you choose to face the day. When there’s nothing there to make you feel sad, it’s quite clear that you’re the only reason. Think about it. Most of the time you’re the one who’s making yourself feel miserable. So you can also be the one who gets you out. Get over and save the day!

We get upset so lightly if there is a special price to frequent travelers to the Land of Boredom we would travel for free! It’s just a problem of our Western Culture. This mood hasn’t anything to do with needs or economical problems; it’s our European dark mood. It seems to me that things control us and not the inverse. Phones, internet, social networks like the facebook, twitter, emails… they are out of control because we gave them a lot of power. When someone doesn’t follow us back on Twitter or write on our Facebook wall, or didn’t respond back to an email, you just fall into an existential crisis. Don’t you think you’re over reacting? Happiness can’t be as fast as hi-tech, can it?

You need to start separating what is important and what is bogus. Some feelings are as fake as a Prada’s bag from a Chinese store. You must stop to give sadness so much power! If you must feel anything choose something that make you think positive. It’s a hard exercise for your brain but you should take control of it. Don’t let your emotions punk you. In the end of the day there is in the world people who have real problems of feeding themselves, or illnesses that can’t be cured, or the death of a beloved person. Think about the importance of a text message about a date that wasn’t answered with someone who hasn’t the minimum to survive. What do you think about?

Ok, your world is more important than the rest of the world! But if you let that vague sense of melancholy takes you, your world isn’t also a pretty thing to live on! Don’t you agree? Your world is what you make it, nothing more, and nothing less. If you are having this “Just one of these days!” kind of attitude (and, of course, there will be always “these shit days” in life, mainly in the morning!) try to think positive. What works with me is putting on the player Queen’s We will rock you and make a sort of crazy dance with me and myself. So I realize that I was feeling something that’s not even there!

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