Wednesday, December 14, 2011

INSPIRATION: THINGS THAT ANNOY ME TO DEATH! #11 - Strangers giving me Happy Holidays in the street!

Ok, I can deal with depressing X-mas music all day long. What I can't deal at all is people that I never met in my life giving me "Merry Christmas" instead saying "Good morning" or so. Why do strangers care about my "Happy New Year"? For god's sake! This morning in the street a woman that I've never seen before approached to my face to wish me "Happy X-mas", as I hadn't any reaction she asked me why was I so angry? But I was really hungry because it was launch time!

There is no such thing as a-special-X-mas' feeling which invades all the human's souls, I don't belive in that kind of mood. People are getting nuts and I can't do nothing because "It's Christmas' mood" even if I don't give a shit.  

If you are so "Christmasnized" why don't you find a real tree or make snow angels instead? Get in love and be romantic because this is the only time to get the ridiculous' experience without people think you are ridiculous or slushy. But please if you are a stranger to me and you aren't in my facebook's list don't greet me with all these X-mas stuff. If you are in my facebook friends' list consider already that I'm all greetful enough! Thanks.

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