Sunday, October 9, 2011


The butterfly has a natural essence and charisma and is one of the most sublime props in nature. Butterflies were my favourite animal in all world. So how don't like this Katty's collection inspired in this delicate animal? No way. Katty Xiomara has a great quality, nobody can dislike her cool mood related with peace, balance, nature, lightness... Xiomara said that the butterfly symbolizes the woman always transformed for a new beggining as fashion itself. The collection looks for this purpouse the "Butterfly effect".The scales dust, complexe lines, and exquisite patterns, volourful and ribbed. Light garments with great care for cuts and some overload visuals crapping. This collection represented a contemporary fairy story and all the garments were designed around that concept as the chosen of the colour pallet based in warm, toasted tones, underlined by black. The pleated soft dresses were my fave, and they gave a trendy touch to a poetical collection, and a bit melancholic too.

My favourite is these look below, wherethe desconstructed jacket reminds me a wing...

    Photos by Joao Lamares Photography

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