Saturday, October 8, 2011


Lidija Kolovrat said " My attitude in fashion has been developing as an heuristic experience and my clothing serves to develop personal power." I agree with her " ... to be someone else can be exciting but to act as self is the most beautiful", and what I love most in the Kolovrat's work:her clothes are very personal but it is always possible to have a personal reading, adapting them to our own style despite their strong ADN. For this collection Kolovrat was inspired in Janis Japlin and in the rock world; The printed pieces are really gorgeous, Lidija has a great sense of colour and she make use of it.The birds and feathers patterns are irresistible. Colours are balanced in dynamic with shapes and under layered sctrutures in a beautiful geometric landscape using the circle, the triangle and the square in slim or lifted-up and draped silhouettes.     

Photos By Joao Lamares Photography

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