Wednesday, October 6, 2010


My favorite looks showed at Paris Fashion Week were from Maison Martin Margiela and Comme des Garçons because they took conceptual fashion further.

The legacy of Maison Martin Margiela has a great impact on the most creative minds in the fashion industry  and current design team who took over since Margiela’s departure are highly equipped to carry on that legacy.

The theme behind Margielas's SS 2011 was "men’s wardrobe meets the woman’s body" ( and this is a theme explored by other designers in latest shows). I think they wanted to say "Woman wears fabric square of 2-d garment". What's important after all was the desconstruction of the concepts we use to related with fashion. I think nobody ( except Lady Gaga) will want to be dressed to a party as a Martin Margiela's model in the catwalk but I'm sure fashion industry will be inpired by this show for many years.

Maison Martin Margiela SS 2011

Paper pants and shoes made out of paper by the creative minds of Martin Margiela:

Washable paper shoes and pants by Maison Martin Margiela via Sandra

Comme des Garçons is another study case of conceptual fashion which inspired designers all over the world. When Rei Kawakubo's creative mind opens a window, fashion industry, in the next Seasons, will make a bulding around that window.

For spring/summer Rei Kawakubo decided to turn her clothes upside down. Quite unexpected, yet it turned out alright. The models wore many different jackets at once, which according to Kawakubo had everything to do with the multiple personalities theme of the show.

... and I think schizophrenia was an appropriate theme for the times we live.

Comme des Garçons SS 2011

Shinning twins, a movie by S. Kubric

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