Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Love should be more minimal and less monumental. Feelings should be more rigorously logical and less intuitively emotional. Life itself should be informed by simplicity and not so obscure that creates profound multiple meanings which need a philosopher to talk about it, a psychiatrist to quiet us, and artists to give us a glimpse about all this ambiguity. If you think that almost of the time what you do could remain unspecified and, life could even be a joke that religion output itself, no wonder that a part of the humans are lost between dreams and hopes, wars and words, actions and passions, viciously obsessed by any kind of power that they called happiness.

What’s the point of it? The meaning of life is about to have and having more and then more… in the end of the day we will die… what did we bring to death? Only what we were and did, unless we are some Gods who are buried with possessions.

Who will be your perfect lover? Some guy that has similar points of views, sharing the same meaning of life, the same future, the same house that you called home… what do you share? A Facebook account; Consistent profiles; Non smoke ideas; Vegetarian or meat options…  

Love is about safe routines (and stuff) with sex. Don’t make it something like a gothic opera. Let all the flouncy piece of chiffon and floral appliqué for your daughter’s school play. Life is practical not a romance with Romeos in every corner disposed to die for you. What’s the point of a dream so exquisite that will not be achievable?  

The problem – I think - is that you always consider happiness as something to be achieved and remotely possible. So you don’t practice happiness as a mood but as an unattainable goal. Try instead to live according a prep-cool aesthetic. Perhaps you think you are a little darker, a little weirder, a little creepier than that but you must work it out as you did in a gym for having a strong and toned body.
The real revolution today is not to be against something and fight for it! The true revolution is getting a low profile, keeping cool against all odds, get away from the easy spotlights, not have a blog  - when you haven't something real important and original to say/share - or not having a facebook profile only to date and gossip, never be influenced by other's point of view without a critical self-review. The true revolution now will not be televised or twitted or 'instagramed'. The true revolution is realize that life isn't a complicated business but a delight afternoon with a simple book to read, a pet to please you and maybe someone that respect your silence. 

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