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Marta Marques and Paulo Almeida once more show us why Marques'Almeida is on the top ten of upcoming designer's in the fashion editor's list. This is not about frayed and unfinished denim anymore  paying homage to the legacy of grunge. The duo of designers grew up while continuing to enhance the style and DNA's brand. They got a great review on style.com with this Spring/Summer 2014 collection, that you can read HERE
" To do great denim, contrary to popular belief, is one of the hardest things to achieve in fashion. And these fledgling designers have produced some of the best pieces in the world over the last two years."
But Marques'Almeida is not a denim brand, and Marta Marques and Paulo Almeida proved that with this collection.
"Fashion is about attitude, not hemlines"  said Helmut Lang, and they got it! It's all about attitude, simply as that!
One thing I can say, the Portuguese duo knows well how to do desirable pieces that a cool girl wishes because clothes don't do the girl, the cool, effortless, easygoing girl is already there, and what she wears underline it.

What I liked more in this collection is that the pair of designers had pushed themselves out of their comfort zone, and they made wished pieces like mandarin jackets, nods to Japan with obi and kimono details on their staple denim, sheer poncho vests draping off the shoulder, twisted and draped sari bandeaus and lots of dainty spaghetti-strap sheer top-cum-dresses in sheer pinks and acid greens but always with the grunge twist and the Nineties as inpiration but much more refined.

You can see more photos from the Marques'Almeida SS 2014 by Joao Lamares Photography HERE.




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