Friday, March 2, 2012


Dramatic couture, romantic superheroines, body-loving forms, sculptural silhouettes, eighties vibes... these are a few notions applied to Nicola Formichetti's work at MUGLER, and this collection for Fall/Winter 2012-13 was the most easy-to-wear from the latest Lady Gaga's label. The white coats are absolutely gorgeous and you could suppose to wear one of them in the street. Of course cashmere and neoprene weren't a mix that you can use to work but Mugler is so far from street wear as earth is from the moon! Unless you have a job in the star system or a kind of pop star rising in the horizon of celebrities. For the first time in Mugler's life I could really dream myself wearing the yellowy-orange stretch jersey dress in an imaginary party in NY. This was also the most intimate shows from the brand, and it made all the difference.  


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