Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I had already read about BLOGGER'S WARDROBE - a kind of revolution - but only recently I went to the website and red its Manifesto which said: “ Blogger’s Wardrobe is not just any web site, not another way to shop online, and definitely not just an online lookbook (…)”. I used to say that FASHION HEROINES’ blog is not another fashion blog… so I kind of had an empathic sympathy about this project that you can see HERE.

First they have a unique online shop where everything is absolutely free! Do you realize that these kind of dreamy things are really possible? Believe it does! Second they work with absolutely amazing brands that I love the most like FINSK – the shoes that all of us dream about. I couldn’t believe that in front of me – ok, ok, I had a the screen between – the most gorgeous shoes for this spring: The mint pumps by FINSK. Stop everything you may doing right now and look at this beauty …

At least Blogger's Wardrobe have the most amazing selection of bloggers from the recent blogosphere with a little resume about them and links for their blogs. And the selection is so good!

If you are a real Fashion Heroine is can’t ignore anymore the Blogger’s Wardrobe. And then you will wish hardly to take part of them. Try your chance. It’s very hard to get a full entry only for you and your blog but in the world hard things are always the better ones, and nothing is for free except in the shop of the Bloggers’ Wardrobe. Good luck for me... and for you too.

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