Thursday, February 2, 2012


I love being surprised... my morning turned beautiful!

EDUN was launched in Spring 2005 by Ali Hewson and her husband, U2 singer Bono as a for-profit fashion brand with a mission to encourage trade with Africa and raise awareness of the possibilities there. EDUN claims that 85% of their clothing (Edun and Edun Live combined) is made in Africa, specifically Tunisia, Tanzania and Kenya, with the remaining 20% is spread out between China and Peru. Because of the economic crisis the the organic, sustainable, socially conscious brand as changed its goals and  in May 2009 luxury group LVMH bought a 49% stake in the company. Ever since only 15% of EDUN's line was produced in Africa, with 70% produced in Asia with the remainder sourced from Peru, except t-shirts that were produced 100% in African factories.

Whatever the destination and objectives of the brand founded by Bono and his wife, this ad campaign by Ryan McGinley is breathtaking.

Source: Fashion Copious; Oyster Mag., wiki

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