Saturday, January 21, 2012


For me Winter should keep like that: No ending sunny days, quiet and warm, or can I say an early amazing Spring!? So, today I wake up with this awesome feeling of " I have so many things to do but instead I will have the exquisite pleasure of doing nothing". 

So I and my husband with our Samsung camera got to the beach for a coffee and a walk...    

In the meantime I met happy people getting sports, parents with their children riding bikes and skating, fancy old man with their white panamas... Oh! That's good life! I red my weekend newspaper while my dear husband took some photos... 

....with a cute puppy named Toquinho that ran to my arms and gave me a funny licked on my face. 

 I couldn't bring the puppy home and that was a kind of funny situation because Toquinho, the puppy seemed to felt in love with me at first sight! 

Bye bye, Toquinho I would like an ice cream now! Choc, vanilla and blackberries would be nice!

WOW! my true love is ... sunny mornings and ice creams!

Photos by Joao Lamares

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  1. Também tive um dia assim cheio de sol e de coisas simples e boas, mas no Chiado, a começar por uma soca caseira com ovo escalfado, com uma ida ao Fábulas, à Marc Jacobs e um petit gateau pelo meio. ehehe