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Jona belongs to the category of designers who, from Yohji Yamamoto to Damir Doma, wear the clothes they design. Jona's garments are his body, his body is his work – his faces says it all, which is a manifesto.

A shaved head. A plane surface.
A thick, messy – savage - beard. A matter – a volume – a colour.

And a tatoo on the temple, articulating plane and volume in a line which fits – and redesigns – the shape of the face.

InAisce represents an alliance between chaos and geometry, between rigour and blur, nature and artifact, matter and sign, meaning and its suspension.
Jona, the owner and designer of InAisce was born in 1983 on a farm at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. Over the last decade Jona has lived and worked in Italy, Japan, Taiwan and Indonesia before choosing Brooklyn, New York as his home base. His travels around the world informed his aesthetic, which is at times hard to pin down.

Jona pulls from the design innovations of past centuries and melds them into his own post-modern machine-age meets the future take on fashion. InAisce is a nonconformist and anti-trendy collection, but Jona values the tradition of fine craftsmanship and is obsessive in his attention to details.

InAisce is designed in an old factory building in Brooklyn, and shows its unisex looks in Paris twice a year.

Pics from InAisce Ads' campain
Text inspired HERE and HERE

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