Monday, November 7, 2011


Some time ago I experienced for the first time my little new camera Samsung, my parents' birthday gift, so I walked downtown in my favourite Lisbon's places - Baixa-Chiado - and took some pics from there to Tagus river...  

If I could I walked in Chiado area all day long, each day of the week and made there my great outside office. Lisbon is a small city ok, but downtown there's always so much excitement, so much to see and shoot... different people of every ages and beliefs that went there to go shopping, to express themselves, to gave us their art and music...

A stopover by the Ana Salazar's shop to see her punk-chic style, I felt in love with the shoes with studs (below pic).

A giant bubbles maker was the main attraction of Garret Street...

Some people make me stop and want to shoot them for various reasons, not only because they look fashionable or particularly fancy... only because they have something, or a single detail, that catched my eyes!

It was time to make a stop at the most famous coffee shop in the area where Fernando Pessoa got his "Tertúlia" with his pairs writters, artists and poets. The ham and cheese toast with a hot chocolate with brandy seemed always perfect for a quickly brunch. It's my kind of lifestyle!

I loved this pic took by my husband... the dog was always around me as my dirty self-awareness!

And then, I met my friend Gonzalo Bénard, one of my favourite artist-photographer (Go visit his website HERE )... whose amazing work I published in this blog.

... And his friend and model.

I loved this girl below, she seemed so cozy and elegante at the same time, and this is not a easy thing to do, got comfortable and stylish...

October is time to roasted chestnuts; Since my childhood chestnuts were the symbol of the coming Fall... and still were. 

The man-statue are increasingly creative in Lisbon streets... I enjoyed the drama woman with a flower...and the white man below.

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