Monday, April 11, 2011


My camera last Saturday seemed an open window to the city... Lisbon has such a unique light! 

A denim dress is always an outfit with such coolness! 

 ... And a white suit is a pretty instantaneous fancy outfit for any ages and styles. The lady in the photo gave it a feminine touch with the orange loop shirt.

Aviator glasses, fedora and a navy blouse... the perfect match!

Relax and cool made for walking on the city!

BIG! But Sweet dog...

Leaving or coming?
 This... or that?
People in transit always inspire me a lot!

The afternoon was ... so nice and people took fun everywhere. In the end it's easy to be happy!

BUT, PLEASE... what is this? I ran and ran to take this surreal picture... 

And got it on the back!

But this girl is a kind of upset with my camera... I think it was only pose because she will be a cool girl I'm sure. And PUNK are NOT death!!!

Finally something simpkle and pretty: The blue jumpsuit. Perfect!


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