Thursday, March 24, 2011


These are my final pics shooted at ModaLisboa Love/Lisbon Fashion Week. Some people looked really amazing and if you think that getting our own style is easy, it's not! Look at my favourite looks from the last day...

I really loved this boots, it's the only kind of boots that get me away from heels!

Hats are the big thing at ModaLisboa Love. My favourite is the Fedora style... female accessories like necklaces, rings, bracelets were allowed! It looks great with Oxford bicolour shoes...whatever! 

I must buy a red pants and a pair of orange sandals for the next Season. These of the pic look great and comfortable enough to wear in dairy basis. Loved them!

Hello Miss Pipoca Mais Doce (Sweeter popcorn)! How are you? Blue sky nails! How trendy is that?

Loved these shoes and the innocent kitty tattoo is the perfect detail contrasting with the punk vibes of the shoes! Shooting from my sit (second line) at Miguel Vieira's show.

... And me shooting everything that moves!

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