Sunday, October 3, 2010


PARIS, some minutes ago... John Galliano showed his own label's Spring Summer 2011 collection.

Galliano's collections for his own label are often created as fanciful interpretations rooted in historical, regional, or pop culture themes. He's is known for his theatricality, and his unparalleled mastery in bias-cut dressmaking techniques.

... And theatricality it is!

John Galliano, each new collection, reminds everyone how unique an experience a great show can be...

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I really loved the poetically glamorous of Galliano's signature and the mix of different cultures and times, the East and the West, North and South, the old and new, the Past and the Future... and this collection is all about all this: Decadent romantic experience with a sensuously touch... this is Galliano's hallucinogenic designs.   

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