Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Good Idea or Bad Idea? What do you think?

Well known labels must follow the trends to survive but they must reinterpret the modern trends without misrepresenting their particulary status of stylish brands that have surpassed the barrier of six months of each (new) season.

For instants Ray-ban do it! Some car brands do it! And those examples below show us how to get trendy with a big name behind to keep clients happy, cool and trendy:

No matter how many times people say that they’re “over,” Ugg boots just won’t die. Here’s the latest incarnation of the winter staple. Koolaburra‘s new winter boot takes the Ugg style to the extreme, adding a buckle belt and studs. Sure, we know that studs are a major trend this season, but this boot is just too over-the-top.

Converse gets furry! Is it going to be a long, cold Winter? Converse seems to think so. Just look at these new furry Chuck Taylors. They’re a boot-sneaker hybrid that would definitely keep you warm during the freezing winter months. And even if this winter’s not as cold as expected?

Converse is prepared for that, too- the sneakers are convertible, so you can remove the furry layer and transform them into the basic high top.

Source: Nylon Magazine

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