Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Next Saturday is the birthday of my twin daughters and Rita asked me as birthday gift the Nigela Lawson's cookbook. For me it is unthinkable that a fifteen years old girl could do so strange request ( For me it would be an insult if someone gives me a cookbook as a birthday gift!!!) ... but Rita loves cooking since she was eight years old and I think  someday she will be a great chef.

So I made some research to talk with my daughter something about cooking because even she likes shoes as her mother, she loves more kitchens and wood spoons, sauces and vegetarian staff. For her mother the only food which she takes some pleasure is from Sushi, but Rita who loves Sushi too, above all she loves to make things which we can eat them after. For me, her beloved mother, pre-cooked staff and salads that don't need to be cooked were the best invention after the internet.

I use to say that if I will become rich I would hire a Chef all day and nights to cook Sushi, salads and soup in the Winter. I don't become rich in money but I win a Chef with my little darling Rita. Lucky I am!

So to my love Rita there's some information about the Super-Chef Ferran Adria's restaurant El Bulli.

Situated outside the small town of Roses on the Costa Brava in Spain, El Bulli is renowned as the spiritual home of molecular gastronomy—a cuisine that has equal footing in science and the culinary arts. Here, equipment commonly found in research laboratories—liquid nitrogen, centrifugal motors, pacojet machines—is key to masterminding dishes prepared with techniques including spherification (suspending a liquid in a thin alginate membrane) and aerification (foams).

If El Bulli is this food movement’s temple, then its chef and owner, Ferran Adrià, is its high priest. He has influenced a generation of scientifically minded chefs, and his acolytes can be found the world over: Noma’s Rene Redzepi served for a stage at El Bulli, while restaurants such as Alinea in Chicago, wd~50 in New York, and Varvary in Moscow are clearly in his debt.


 El Bulli is only in operation six months a year, in which it typically receives one million applications (for 8,000 places), so getting a seat is tough. What's more, it is set to close this December, much to the chagrin of gastronomes the world over.

And what would be to take a eating experience at El Bulli?
Nothing less than Surreal! Think in the follow dish: a Comme des Garçons perfume spray on a plate with a dry martini inside. Next to it were ‘spherical olives’—green balls filled with olive puree. What do you think?


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  1. Obrigada mãe, e já sabes que um dia me podes lá levar =)