Sunday, April 4, 2010


Her: Hello, Hi! Come in…

Him: Hi, are you ready?

Her: We are not late!

Him: Not yet. My shoes are new.

Her: Oh! Great.

Him: You know I hate to be late.

Her: Of course dear, but we aren’t late at all.

Him: I’m waiting.

Her: Of course, dear. So your shoes are new!

Him: you know I always feel weird when I’m wearing something new.

Her: I’m just the opposite, dear.

Him: Are you ready to go?

Her: We are not late.

Him: Yet. We will be if you don’t get a move on. It’s not cool to be late for appointments.

Her: Dinner with Marc and Helena is not really an appointment, dear.

Him: No matter. I would not like being late. Get ready please.

Her: We are not late. It’s too soon to be late.

Him: My shoes are killing me. Oh! They are “Dolce” you know.

Her: Very elegant.

Him: I’m feeling so freak!

Her: You are not. You are very handsome.

Him: Always being late. Always. And how thankful I am that you’re not late.

Her: I’m not late, dear. We are not late.

Him: yes. We are… in a minute we are already late.

Her: How are your feet?

Him: I like the shoes but they are killing me.

Her: And the shirt is it new too?

Him: No. not the shirt. Are you ready to go?

Her: Do you like Helena?

Him? Yes. She is very nice.

Her: and very beautiful…too.

Him: Nice.

Her: Nice legs and beautiful skin.

Him: Perhaps. Can we go now?

Her: Perhaps? Are you blind? Why did you buy new staff? You don’t like wear new clothes… and shoes!

Him: Oh! We are so late!

Her: You are not late. Don’t be so false.

Him: I’m not false, and these shoes are not fake at all. They cost me a fortune.

Her: You bought new shoes ‘cause Helena. Don’t lie to me.

Him: I’m not lying. I hate lateness. Are you ready?

Her: We are not late yet. And what else about Helena?

Him: Helena is too much “Lolita”. I’m not into Lolita’s style, you know.

Her: So I’m too old… it’s that!

Him: Darling, you have the perfect age and the perfect look. Can we go now?

Her: Yes. Really?

Him: Of course darling. I love you as the way you are. . Are we ready? Are you ready?

Her: We are not late, calm down!

Him: I like to look great for you not for somebody else. And you accuse me of only having demode clothes. So I bought new staff … whatever they are killing me… I can handle with that. But I can´t stand to be late again. Can we go?

Her: You are not late.

Him: Not yet. Are we ready?

Her: Are you nuts? I’m not. No. I’m not.

Him: What?

Her: I haven’t a thing to wear.

Paula Lamares

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  1. Lindo! O ritmo e a ironia...A personagem é de pôr os nervos em franja! Excelente motivo de inspiração...