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" BODY... AND SOUL" - Alexandra Moura Interview by Fashion Heroines

Alexandra Moura opened this year the ModaLisboa catwalk with "... Body and Soul" as it is called the new collection for Autumn / Winter 2010-11. The symbiosis between our body, our soul, body and soul of the garment. Together they communicate something. Here's the story behind the collection...

Alexandra Moura may not be the most mediatic designer of Fashion Week, but it is certainly the most friendly and one of the most poetic. And she transmitted her poetic soul into her work. But despite the poetry inherent in her, does not mean that her collection is not practical and very wearable, on the contrary, Alexandra conceives the difficult task of creating pieces at once elegant, comfortable and with a unique urban sophistication. And that's what we all want poor girls, something we can wear at work and after, and that makes us feel stylish while maintaining our well-being.

Alexandra Moura agreed to talk to Fashion Heroines about her inspirations, dreams and life. Here is an interview with a portuguese designer who will get the apparent contradictions of life as inspiration to design the soul of her pieces.

FashionHeroines: Your work is very creative and conceptual. Where do you take inspiration and trends?

AlexandraMoura : My work is not developed from trends, but from concepts. My inspiration comes from a variety of situations or moments. It might be a feeling, an image, or a certain state of mind.

FH: What are your visual references?

AM: All that surrounds me. The World.

FH: Where do you take the news?

AM: On the street, in people, the web, in film, music.

FH: Name 3 fashion designers you like or who influenced your work.

AM: I will not name one or two because although my favorites, there are great designers who can fascinate me in different seasons, at different moments and in different ways.

FH: About your new collection Fall / Winter 2010-2011 which is the story behind it? What were your sources of inspiration?

AM: The concept behind this collection has to do with the mood  at the present moment. My need to communicate something different. This collection has the theme "... body and soul ..." and left the symbiosis between our body, our soul, body and soul of the garment. Together they communicate something.

FH: What defines Alexandra Moura now?

AM: Evolution.

FH: You designed the costumes for the Portuguese Contemporary Dance Company, and you also created the wardrobe for  artists like Sonia Tavares and Teresa Salgueiro. What do you prefer design for artists or for woman on the street?

AM: Most of all  I loved  created images which I identify myself and the client also.

FH: Who would you like to wear?

AM: Several people, depend on the moment / occasion.

FH: What makes you laugh?

AM:  Life.

FH: What is your proudest achievement in life?

AM: Being Mom! Allied to my professional side.

FH: What do you most dislike about contemporary culture? And in the fashion world?

AM: The lobbies.

FH: If you could wish for one change in the world what would it be?

AM: The way people look at the world.

FH: What are your plans for the future? What are your dreams?

AM: Speaking at the moment, my great desire is to solidify the brand and its internationalization.

FH: If you could add one question to this project questionnaire what would it be

AM: I don't because it is already an exhausting questionnaire (Laughs).

Photo by Joao Lamares for Fashion Heroines

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